Rausch Creek Trailriders Rules and Regulations


General Rules

  1. Rausch Creek Trailriders property is private. Entry upon the premises is limited to employees, vendors, club members in good standing and their invited guests according to published membership rates and the following rules and regulations.
  2. Club members, guests and vendors are required to check in at the office and sign a liability waiver each and every visit.
  3. Absolutely no operating an ATV or dirt bike while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. Absolutely NO LITTERING, take your trash home!!!

Riding Rules

  1. Riding upon the premises is strictly limited to club members in good standing. Each membership is permitted to host up to four guest riders per visit. Guest rider fees are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the hosting member to ensure that all guests pay the appropriate fees. The hosting member must personally accompany and is entirely responsible and accountable for the conduct of his/her guest(s) at all times.
  2. Minor children included in a family membership must have parental or legal guardian signature on minor liability waiver portion of membership application. All children under the age of 18 must have constant adult supervision and cannot ride without an adult.
  3. Minors riding as guests must have Rausch Creek’s minor liability waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. There can be no exception to this rule.
  4. All riders are required to wear a DOT or Snell approved helmet and eye protection. Half-helmets are forbidden. Helmets must be worn and strapped on at all times. This includes while loading and unloading, riding in the campground or just around your campsite. The only partial exception applies to utility vehicles (side-by-side) with built-in full rollover protection. While helmets are still required at all times on the trails, “commuting” about the campground within posted speed limits in such UTVs without a helmet is allowable.
  5. Numbered membership stickers must be displayed at all times while riding. Placement of stickers will be handled by Rausch Creek employees. Stickers are not transferrable or replaceable. Damaged stickers must be brought to the office for exchange. Again, NO STICKER REPLACEMENT!
  6. No riding on the trails after dark. Head back on time!
  7. Parking is permitted in designated areas only. Any illegally parked vehicle will be photographed, the license plate recorded and the vehicle towed at owner’s expense.
  8. 16. This is Rausch Creek Trailriders. Trail access is limited to trail-suitable machines, namely dirt bikes, ATVs and “Side-by-Side� UTVs. Maximum allowable width is 65 inches. Engines may not have more than two cylinders, and the maximum allowable displacement is 1100cc.
  9. No riding on or parallel to railroad tracks. If you must cross, STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN, THIS IS AN ACTIVE RAIL LINE!
  10. Members must KEEP OUT of any active mining areas and AWAY FROM ALL EQUIPMENT OR RISK PROSECUTION FOR TRESPASSING!
  11. All members are required to report any violations or transgressions to Security Officials or Officers.
  12. POSITIVELY NO RIDING ON ANY PROCESSED CLEAN COAL. (This is coal that is stockpiled and ready to sell to the customer). Violators are subject to ARREST and immediate termination of membership without refund! No Excuses!
  13. Do not ride on any State or Township Road. (Only in an EMERGENCY, and then, on the shoulder of the road ONLY). NOTE: Police may still issue a fine if you are on any public road.

Campground Rules

  1. Camp Road Speed Limit – 5 mph
  2. Camp Roads Are Not Playgrounds!
    Absolutely no wheel-spin on the campground roads. Do not roost, do donuts or spin stones on ANY road, including Campground Roads.
    Children may ride in the campground only under direct adult supervision. For safety reasons any children under the age of 12 found riding unattended will be escorted back to their guardians. The second such incident will result in the children being “parked” for the remainder of the day.
  3. Quiet hours in the campground are 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. Loud exhausts, loud music, boisterous behavior and generators louder than 65dB are prohibited during these hours.
  4. No fireworks of any kind are permitted. It is Pennsylvania state law.
  5. No bonfires are permitted. Small cooking or campfires may be allowed only when the Fire Warden deems conditions are safe.
  6. No fire should be left unattended at any time and should be put out with water before you leave the campsite or you will not be permitted to have one at all.
  7. Fires should only be fueled with clean wood. No tires, old oil containers, plastics of any sort or garbage from campsites are to be burned.
  8. Discharging any sewage or wastewater on the property leased to RCTR or into the waters of the Commonwealth of PA is strictly forbidden.
  9. Only biodegradable soap is permitted at RCTR.
  10. No structure (anything man-made, mobile or stationary) of any kind may be left overnight unless registered with the office and any appropriate fees have been paid. All structures must be pre-fabricated off-site and installed so that they remain readily removable. No footers or foundations may be installed and no construction of any kind is permitted. Any new construction observed will be demolished.
  11. Any personal property (including STRUCTURES) of members whose membership, campsite or structure reservations have lapsed is understood by you to be abandoned and may be DISPOSED OF. Rausch Creek is under no obligation to notify or otherwise chase anyone down before scrapping, giving away or confiscating any such abandoned structure. Disposal fees may be levied at the Rausch Creek discretion.
  12. Positively no outside showers are permitted (per Hegins Township).
  13. Tree cutting, burning tires, discharge of firearms, reckless riding, excessive noise after dark are prohibited.
  14. No cables, chains, wires or ropes are to be hung or used as markers around campsites.
  15. Pets must remain under the direct control of their owners at all times. If your pet is aggressive toward people or other animals it is prohibited on RCTR land.
  16. Absolutely no hunting or shooting is permitted on RCTR property by any RCTR members.
  17. All campsites must be kept neat and clean at all times.
  18. Any grass/weed areas in a campsite must be kept mowed to no higher than six inches.
  19. Violation of any of the Rules could result in your membership being terminated without refund.