Download Movies on Android

As all of you know that now days downloading movies on android is not a easy task for anyone as it used to to be 5 years back,either you have purchase the movie or you have to do some kind of illegal work to enjoy the free movies.but that is too risky to enjoy by following this i am going to tell you how you can download the movies on your android mobiles phone without this much hustle.

so let us discuss all the apps one by one and let me know which is the most favorite app for you, for every user different app will work better, so you can decide which suits you better.


  1. First Movie App:

    Amazon app is one of the greatest app to enjoy the TV shows easily,it include all the latest movies and tv show all free for first 30 days later you can decide if you want to continue,to continue the trial you have to pay a small amount of money which is by fat much lesser than a movie ticket when you go to picture its up to you which one you prefer do you want to got o movies on picture hall or you want you download movies and movie downloads for android at your home free of cost. i definitely prefer the second one.

  2. Second Movies App

    Movie Box is the world second download app to enjoy unlimited movies on your phone, this will give you the option to download the movies, it will display you the list of unlimited movies it also include the latest released movies on 2016 and the movies which are coming in 2017. but the only downside of this app is it doesn’t have TV shows , this app is purely for only movies lover.


3. Third Movie App :

Showbox app is only work in united states of america,it will not work in any other country ,s o if you belongs to Us or Uk then only it should download this app.when you download this app you will be able to see some class movies list.and just login by your google account then click on the movies which you wan to download it will send you the download link to your email then click on that link and download it thats all. its that easy.

4 Wync movies app :

this app will work only on airtel subcriber, it will not give you the option to download but you can watch the movies without any internet connection, that mean you can enjoy movies and tv show offline , just the airtel dish tv.

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